[vlc-devel] Multiple Instances of access-udp module?

Bill Dolson bd at landform.com
Wed Nov 14 21:00:14 CET 2007


I have been working for several months extending VLC to include support 
for private_data_1 streams carrying camera geopositioning and pointing 
data encoded as SMPTE KLV.  This is an emerging standard for many forms 
of remote sensing from satellite to autonomous vehicles.  I will start 
to submit patches when the work is a little further along.

I am currently working on muxing together a data stream and video stream 
from two different sources.  I am using the input-slave control and have 
added a slave-demux control to allow forcing my demuxer for the data 
stream.  In testing this I set up each source as a UDP stream and the 
access-udp module is used for each, hence two instances.  (All on a 
UDP-safe LAN of course).  After some 15 seconds or so I start to get 
massive amounts of continuity counter errors on the video stream 
(typically 4-6 counts off), as if many packets were being dropped.  If I 
disable the access-udp which is reading the data stream everything is 
fine.  I suspect the two instances are somehow interfering with each other.

Is there any reason why running two instances of access-udp should be a 
problem?  I took a quick look at the source and don't see anything 
obvious.  I am unhappy to report development is being done under Windows 
XP with the 0.8.6b sources (not my decision).  I have periodically tried 
the Windows nightlies and they don't seem to be all there yet. 
Obviously when I submit patches I will apply them to the current SVN.

Thanks for any help
Bill Dolson

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