[vlc-devel] new filter module for special hardware

Andre Weber WeberAndre at gmx.de
Sun Nov 18 21:17:21 CET 2007

>>I don't know exactly, but the official ones are done with gcc 3.4.5 on
>>linux, so this might be the problem, but you shouldn't care. I don't
>>think dlls built with cygwin ever worked with the one built with
>>mingw32 under linux. If it works with your own build you should submit the
>> patch here for comments.
ok - I will submit patches if group on (www.vdr-portal.de) think it will work
until now I didn't modify anything inside VLC added just a new filter module
... grabbing the required video info there - reduced CPU usage by 40-50%!

>> Or see with people who build it with cygwin (I didn't manage to do so...)
until now I didn't met somebody build under cygwin ;
- It did take me nearly one day until a successful build. Most problems where
caused by scripts containing DOS linefeeds (13, 10) - which I had to convert
with (dos2unix) - and I had to disable FLAC und DTS... for the moment.

Another problem what I got the evening was - I tried to use OleInitialize 
and some other ActiveX / COM calls inside my module but wasn't able
to find the correct location for telling the linker that I need "ole32" and
so on? --- for now I have moved the COM object calls to another wrapper
DLL which is written in CPP and compiled with visual studio and exposes
the methods as a native C API -- not very nice but it works.

I have attached my filter - for comments and suggestion who to improve my
coding... because thats the first time I dive into VLC source. I am happy
that it works - also if it is not nice...

mmh - can I have more the one video output module active? than it looks like that
what I need - because there seems a little time between my filter is called until
the frame is really display? is this right?  (How much time takes it between my
call to vout_DisplayPicture until the frame is really on screen?)

If I do my work in a output module - will my processing be "more in sync"
with the real video output? (Because its bad if you can guess on the light - that
the next scene will be outside under the heaven ;-))

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> On Sun, Nov 18, 07 at 14:48 +0100, Andre Weber wrote:
> > where I thought its not neccessary for my purpose.
> > 
> > My filter forwards the incoming picture 1:1 into the VLC filter chaing - at the moment
> > I have found no way to avoid to copy the incoming picture of my Render methode
> > so I allways make a "vout_CopyPicture" which I put into vout_DisplayPicture - is there a
> > way to put my source picture into vout_DisplayPicture(?) ?
> You could do a video output module instead
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> Xtophe
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