[vlc-devel] Wish List for 0.8.6d

Bill Dolson bd at landform.com
Fri Nov 23 04:06:09 CET 2007


There is a troublesome bug since I think post 0.8.1 which was reported 
on the forum but I couldn't find in trac which is that H264 output as 
Mpeg-2 ts under UDP/RTP (maybe others) doesn't have periodic SPS/PPS, 
only once at the beginning.  Makes make it impossible for a client 
player to play the stream if started after the server.  It was reported 
as fixed in trunk by a developer on the forum about a month ago but the 
original poster refuted this.  I was going to take a closer look at it 
and open a trac ticket if it wasn't there but won't have time in the 
next two weeks.  IMHO this should be fixed in any interim release if at 
all possible.  It for sure exists in 0.8.6c.

Bill Dolson

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