[vlc-devel] Firefox plugin, using XUL?

Jasper j.alias at student.hhs.nl
Fri Nov 23 11:10:37 CET 2007

In responce to:

  "We ask for a bit of comment: are we working in the right direction,
   and if not what do we do wrong? And furthermore this is the time to
   point us in a direction concerning the grafics."

Rafaël Carré wrote:
" I think that it would be much simpler to use a toolkit library.
 Can't XUL be used to do that ? It's already in mozilla so no need for
 an other external library, and it is cross platform  ;) "

However we discussed the use of XUL and we think it n't be possible to 
use XUL since it's to high level so we can't bind the grafical buttons 
to the actual commands in the vlc player. We were thinking about using 
Qt4. Any objections or comments?

ps: sorry about using the reply in the earlier mail, didn't know about 
emails being sorted in threads.

Jasper Alias & Frans van Veen

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