[vlc-devel] [Request for Comment] new filter module forAtmoLight

Andre Weber WeberAndre at gmx.de
Sun Nov 25 10:44:44 CET 2007

Yes it's "like" Philipps Ambilight - we changed the name to avoid conflicts.
(but currently we allready talking about Aurea Light as an improvement,
but this won't affect my VLC module.)

Is such a plugin suitable for VLC? are you willing to build it into the
official releases of VLC?

If somebody want to see what it does - the second software part
which does the communcation with the external hardware has a
so called "dummy" device - which shows the lights in a small window
- so there is no need to have to hardware for trying out.

the external Software (which is not direct part of my submission) could
be downloaded from here:
the changelog: http://www.primacom.net/~w6533344/atmowin/HISTORY.txt
(since I'am mainting the controlsoftware for windows, before I wasn't able
to collect all software versions... too many people in too many diffect locations
worked on it...)
win32-binaries of the control software: http://www.primacom.net/~w6533344/atmowin/atmoWin_0.43.zip
sources of the control software: http://www.primacom.net/~w6533344/atmowin/atmoWin_0.43_source.zip

the required module for VLC is still here:
Version 0.8.6.c

Version "Trunk"

If some would like to try it with my module - feel free to ask me I will guide
you through the settings for the dummy device it's easy.

I'am currently working on my module to compile it with the trunk sources
instead the VLC 0.8.6c ones... some smaller changes were required
but nothing critical I think...   my compile below cygwin runs fine - but
currently I'am searching for a crash reason inside the settings dialog...


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Never mind; I found your original thread. So, it's like the Ambilight?

On Nov 25, 2007 2:43 AM, Guy Paddock <guy.paddock at gmail.com> wrote:
> Excuse my ignorance, but, what is Atmo Light?
> On Nov 23, 2007 1:52 PM, Andre Weber <WeberAndre at gmx.de> wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > some days ago I started to work on the module - so far I am ready -
> > the users at VDR-Portal.de say it works stable - it doesn't crash my private
> > VLC build - so I  think its now on some persons here to have a look
> > at it - for a second opinion if it is coded clean enough - and if it could
> > be integrated into one of the next releases of VLC I read here that
> > VLC 0.8.6d should be released shortly - I think my module will
> > compile with this version without bigger problems - because my
> > development was done with 0.8.6c ... I will spent some time
> > this weekend to check if my module will compile and work with
> > the VLC trunk version - is this the right way? to get it into the sourcetree?
> >
> > attached the source of my filter module - the other software parts of the libary and AtmoWin
> > controlsoftware - which is related to this module could be found here:
> > http://eldo.gotdns.com/atmo-src/ --> the complete Atmolight source tree
> > http://eldo.gotdns.com/atmo-src/AtmoCtrlLib/  --> the com wrapper library
> > http://eldo.gotdns.com/vlc-src/vlc-086c my current vlc development folder
> > beaware this files are hosted on my workstation so the sites is no allways
> > available...
> >
> >
> >
> > With best regards...
> >
> > André Weber
> >
> >
> >
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