[vlc-devel] Queries related MPEG-2 file streaming in VLC Source Code

MAHESHA LS mahesha.ls at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 11:19:44 CET 2007

Hi All,

 I have some Queries  related to Streaming of MPEG-2 file in VLC player

 I am streaming MPEG-2 file from one system to other system Using VLC player
over RTP Unicast Streaming Option and i have Captured the packets using

    1. I want to know the module(or Files) in the VLC Source Code which
reads that MPEG-2  file and streams Over RTP which consists of Transport
Steams Packets and how the Transport streams are formed in the RTP Packet.

    2. How Transport stream Header and Payload are formed, how and when the
Adaptation Feild in the Transport Stream Packet is formed and streamed.

    3. VLC File format for MPEG-2 file.

    4. How to Compile the VLC Src Code in Windows(If supported for Windows,
how?) , I have dowloaded the src code vlc-0.8.6c from VideoLan.

If anyone knows where Exactly the above said Queired Resides in the Source
Code and elsewhere,please revert back with the Solutions.

            I will be thankfull to all, if my Queries are answered.

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