[vlc-devel] VLC mozilla plugin controls

Alias, J. j.alias at student.hhs.nl
Wed Oct 3 10:32:02 CEST 2007


We are two students from a collage in the Netherlands
working on a Linux fedora project.
Our goal is to make it possible to play embedded media
streams in the browser. And add player controls to the
browser media stream. Our plan is to use the VLC mozilla
plugin and add the support for the streams on the dutch

We did this by adding the following line to the vlc.h file:
"video/x-ms-wvx::Windows Media Video;"\

This works fine except we have no controls. (like
play/pause button etc.)

Now we learned that we can achieve this by making it
ourselves: use WxWidgets to create two subwindows:
one for the video and one for the controls and then make

What we are asking from the VLC community is twofold:
1. is there any demand for such an addition to VLC mozilla
firefox plugin?
2. we heared on the forum:
That support for WxWidgets might be dropped. If so, what
are suggested alternatives? 

we appreciate any and all help:
Jasper Alias "jasper_alias"
Frans van Veen "fvanveen"

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