[vlc-devel] libdvbpsi 0.1.6 please

Johann Hanne jhml at gmx.net
Wed Oct 10 19:34:36 CEST 2007

> What needs to be done here. If it is merely a tagging and creating
> tarballs, etc. then I can find sometime to get things rolling.
r145 is already very stable (and certainly less buggy than 0.1.5). I'm just in 
the process of doing some last checks (I already found a missing prototype, 
an unused variable and some signed/unsigned-warnings). I'll post patches for 
that within the next few days (although I'd be thankful if somebody can at 
last give me direct svn access...).

BTW, the current ABI seems to be 99% compatible with 0.1.5, at least an 
application which makes rather heavy usage of libdvbpsi ran fine with current 
svn after linking it against 0.1.5. However, the dr_0a fix breaks ABI and 
API, so the release should probably go out as libdvbpsi5-0.1.6.

Cheers, Johann

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