[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r22536 (funman)

Subversion daemon svn at videolan.org
Thu Oct 11 01:04:09 CEST 2007

r22536 | funman | 2007-10-11 01:04:09 +0200 (Thu, 11 Oct 2007) | 3 lines
Changed paths:
   M /trunk/include/vlc_playlist.h
   M /trunk/src/playlist/engine.c
   M /trunk/src/playlist/playlist_internal.h
   M /trunk/src/playlist/services_discovery.c

services_discovery: storing the category & onelevel playlist items with the services_discovery_t is not needed anymore, simplify that.
put the services_discovery_t** in the public playlist_t to save one unchecked malloc() and the corresponding free()

 > http://trac.videolan.org/vlc/changeset/22536

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