[vlc-devel] XSPF support in VLC

Rafaël Carré funman at videolan.org
Fri Oct 12 03:06:27 CEST 2007

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Sebastian Pipping a écrit :
> Hello Christophe!
> Your mail sounded very positive in my ears. Be sure
> I'll try to best support you on VLC libSpiff
> integration whenever you are ready.
> Best regards,

I've got a patch for generating valid XSPF playlist files (we have
problems about URI encoding), but it will need review first.

btw, I saw you are an author of URIparser, maybe you can advice me about
URI use in VLC ?

About integrating libspiff, I don't know if that's worth, since it would
add another complexity layer to our current playlist generator and
reader, and maybe requiring unneeded CPU power.

Finally, about the extension, we need to check how it can be used
because it's currently not, and we may change it before 0.9.0 release is
shipped (ETA not known yet, but that should be a matter of months).

The main problematic is "howto add hierarchy to xspf?" and the extension
may, or may not ship (I mean as in the current state) as a 0.9.0 feature
(that will need review, as how it can be used with current VLC object

I'm very interested about "desktop" use of VLC, and standards compliance
about that (say, freedesktop.org), so I'll be looking at that.

Thanks for your interest, and keep me on the news.

P.S. : If I'm not wrong you are french, if no non-french VLC developer
is interested in this issue, maybe we can communicate in French, and
save extra (and misunderstanding prone) translation time (because I'm
french too).

P.P.S. Côte d'Or über alles

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