[vlc-devel] H.264 access_demux

Brian Raymond braymond at attemptatsanity.com
Mon Oct 15 05:40:56 CEST 2007

I have been working on an access_demux module for an H.264 realtime 
encoder card that accepts numerous input types like SDI, composite, etc. 
and outputs an H.264 ES. Although it would be nice it is not supported 
via V4L so I have written a module however I am having trouble getting 
the clock correct so it doesn't drop frames reporting "early frame 
skipped" or "late frame skipped". I followed the v4lc. and dc1394.c 
examples using mdate() for pts, dts and ES_OUT_SET_PCR however I cannot 
seem to get it to work. The API the card uses outputs a 90Hz clock for 
use however feeding that in for the pts, dts etc. doesn't help. I have 
tried numerous combinations with i_pts, i_dts, ES_OUT_SET_PCR and 
DEMUX_GET_TIME all without any luck.

To better troubleshoot the problem can someone summarize at a high level 
what the PCR might look like on a 30fps H.264 ES so I can attempt to 
feed something in that will get it to play?


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