[vlc-devel] CIL bindings and brain dump on LibVLC

Olivier Aubert olivier.aubert at liris.cnrs.fr
Mon Oct 22 10:37:14 CEST 2007

> First, I was badly confused with the old mediacontrol_ APIs still being there. 
> libvlc-control is now a nasty mess providing two competing APIs - in the same 
> shared object! Second, the mediacontrol_ ABI has been silently broken from 
> 0.8.6 (contrary to the promise not to do so). I am considering reverting my 
> changes to mediacontrol, but that won't solve this problem. As such, I would 
> really consider REMOVING mediacontrol_ from 0.9.0 completely.

There are indeed 2 competing API, with 2 different focuses: libvlc
intends to provide access to VLC features, mediacontrol aims at
providing a generic interface to control a video player (and it thus not
VLC-specific). The libvlc API is more featureful, and begins to get
cleaner, but I think it still needs some time to stabilize. Please bear
in mind that some people (like me) are using VLC for their projects, and
cannot afford to track the almost-daily changes to the libvlc
controlling API, since our main focus is on our application, not on VLC.

The mediacontrol API has been mostly stable for almost 2 years, while I
think the libvlc one has not seen a period of stability longer than 2
weeks. This is not a bad thing per se, evolution is necessary. But some
stability is also needed. With both interfaces, we can get both, at
least for the next release of VLC. I have no problem of seeing
mediacontrol marked as deprecated, if you really hate it. But do not
underestimate the work and time needed by other programmers to adapt
existing code.


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