[vlc-devel] commit: new (failing) test for libvlc (Filippo Carone )

Pierre d'Herbemont pdherbemont at free.fr
Tue Apr 1 09:27:15 CEST 2008

On Apr 1, 2008, at 7:30 AM, Remi Denis-Courmont wrote:

> On Tue,  1 Apr 2008 00:16:04 +0200 (CEST), git at videolan.org (git  
> version
> control) wrote:
>> vlc | branch: master | Filippo Carone <littlejohn at videolan.org> |  
>> Tue Apr
>> 1 00:03:15 2008 +0200| [1c5df1f36c6a04f86f4cecaa3d08be69f1dfc6bd]
>> new (failing) test for libvlc

Capitalizations are like // comments in C code. I do hate them :p

> DO NOT use Ogg Vorbis files in the test suite.

As last time, I do agree.

> It breaks distcheck and it breaks if ogg support is not enabled.

It's on my todo list. I was just a bit lazy to fix. It involves,  
making sure we download a file sample at a certain point (Not yet  
decided which one), and moving that test to /.

If you have some spare time and will to fix that would be welcomed  
too, unless I finally do that.


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