[vlc-devel] The performance of VLC on Windows CE building with CeGCC

Jérôme Decoodt djc at videolan.org
Tue Apr 1 10:39:24 CEST 2008

>    Today, I did some further study on CeGCC, and I noticed that,
>    "arm-wince-cegcc implements is incomplete (it's newlib, not glibc) and
>    sometimes confusing and incompatible with coredll",
>    http://cegcc.sourceforge.net/docs/choosing.html
>    Did you meet these problems when you try to porting VCL decorders to
>    WinCE?  How much time did the porting take you?

I always worked with arm-wince-mingw32ce toolchain. A few contribs have
to be patched to compile, it's usually about errno or signals. The port
was very quick, just a few days. The longer part would be to have an
efficient working vout (gdi is working) and a cool interface. I think jb
will be looking at this in a few weeks.

Jérôme Decoodt

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