[vlc-devel] Enhancement Request...

André Weber WeberAndre at gmx.de
Fri Apr 4 15:57:31 CEST 2008


just my 2cents ...

on windows it would be not very difficult for the DLL to find out from where
it was loaded - so that the DLL knows where it is located ... and there is 
need to change search pathes or such things.

Only the application which tries to load the vlc-dll's must know where these
files are located - f.e. by reading the registry to find the installation 
folder - there
is no other options - without adding new options to the external programs.

But the VLC DLL's itself - can find out for themself where they are located
with the code below - and use that information to load the plugins and co.
from the right folders relative to the VLC DLL's ...

char psz_filename[MAXPATH];
HMODULE h_vlccontrol = GetModuleHandle("libvlc-control.dll");
if( h_vlccontrol )
    if( GetModuleFileName( h_vlccontrol , psz_filename, 
sizeof(psz_filename) ) )
         psz_filename = should now contain the complete filename of 
         put this code inside "libvlc-control.dll" - to derive from there 
the other pathes to
         the plugins and co.


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> hmm, that does not work, I think. LibVLC!could learn its install path and 
> infer the locations of plugins (and even shared data files) from it. 
> Because it calls dlopen or the non-portable equivalent for these. I did 
> file an enhancement ticket for this a while ago.
> However, it is NOT possible for LibVLC-control to learn the location of 
> LibVLC. The earlier is linked to the latter at build link-time, not 
> run-time. It is hence the OS loader that needs to know the path, not 
> LibVLC-control.
> Remi Denis
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> De: jboileau <jboileau at gmail.com>
> Date: 04.04.2008 13:03
> Well we don't really package anything. The application I work on is
> embedded and I create compact flash images to hold everything. So its
> not a really big problem for me and its transparent to the end user. I
> offer my experience mostly to help if it can. I see all the hard work
> you guys put in, its the least I can when I read emails I can comment
> on to do so.
> But the only way to package everything up to not have the path problem
> would be to put VLC in the same directory as our application. Which I
> would rather not. It is nice to have VLC in its own directory and our
> stuff in another. Easier to update one without the other. And easier
> in the development stage. Visual Studio creates directories for
> release and debug builds. I would have to add post-build steps to copy
> the VLC files to the target dir when I run the app from the IDE. Do I
> want this copy to happen every time I build? No way!
> It ain't a big deal to do a set current dir to the VLC install dir so
> that the VLC DLLs can find each other. I could also add the VLC dir to
> the environment path. But it would also be easy to have
> libvlc-control.dll know its dir and use it to find libvlc.dll. This
> problem is very minor and easily circumventable in my environment. I
> am sure there are more important issues.
> Jacques Boileau
> On Thu, Apr 3, 2008 at 9:05 PM, Pierre d'Herbemont <pdherbemont at free.fr> 
> wrote:
>> On Apr 3, 2008, at 8:48 PM, jboileau wrote:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > I can probably help since I develop on Windows. It is true that there
>> > is problem loading libvlc-control.dll on Windows. Personaly for the
>> > moment I am reading the VLC install path from the registry, do a set
>> > current dir to there, load libvlc and finally load libvlc-control (see
>> > code below). This is the only way I have found to make it work without
>> > problems.
>> Why don't you package libvlc and plugin with your own app?
>> Pierre.
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