[vlc-devel] Reg: VIDDEC_process() failed with a fatal error ?

Ragas sag info2use4me at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 14:33:00 CEST 2008

Hi Xperts,

Lately some error message have been really killing me . And i need to figure
out how to overcome these errors.
I am using DM6446, and TI's Davinci decode example. When i run an MPEG4
stream , it's starts playing and after some time it gives me the following
below error ?

1)  VIDDEC_process() failed with a fatal error (-1 ext: 0x81d)
2)  VIDDEC_process() failed with a fatal error (-1 ext: 0x201e)

Well, i looked at the extended error message to understand them. And w.r.t
1) Above it's giving XDM_CORRUPTEDHEADER bit.
And the video stream is quite perfect and it runs in almost all compiltable
players. I can say with confidence that the stream is fine.

I really wish to understand, what may be the reasons that this problem might
But can somebody guide me on how to take care of these problems. Or other
mechanism to handle these error's.

Waiting for your replies ...

Warm Regards,
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