[vlc-devel] Recapitulative of the meeting about a preview release

Rafaël Carré funman at videolan.org
Mon Apr 14 21:52:22 CEST 2008

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We voted about releasing a preview release showing the work in progress
in VLC 0.9.0

The options:

1/ Do nothing
2 votes, including what I personally thought would be courmisch's

2/ Release a preview tarball, which would be a tag of master
6 votes with conditions

3/ Advertise the nightly builds a bit more
2 votes

So the option 2 was chosen, with this conditions:
- - Fix packaging on OSX and windows
- - Do not advertise the release on the main website, but on the forum,
mailing lists, planet. We might consider telling the people maintaining
packaging of git branch (i think about gentoo, archlinux, freebsd, and
of course fedora and opensuse)
- - Choose an explicit wording to name the release, to make it clear it
is buggy and broken. Some people rejected "alpha". I propose "preview".

Feel free to correct if I was mistaken.

P.S. courmisch I would like to be sure I did not count your vote in a
way you didn't want, if this is the case then I'm sorry.

Thanks for coming ! See you next time !

P.P.S. one more step toward world domination :)

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Rafaël Carré
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