[vlc-devel] flv restreaming

William King quentusrex at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 07:55:42 CEST 2008

Here is my setup. I have a live stream being captured on Server A, I
have Server B pulling the stream from A and transcoding it to FLV1
mux=flv. I then want server C to pull the flv stream from B and enable
viewers to pull the stream from C. 

I have both B and C using VLM interface. and I can't get a flash player
to start the stream from C, but it does start the stream from B. So
there is something C isn't doing that B is doing, that the flash player
needs. :-D if that makes sense. VLC can play the streams from either
servers, but JW player and FlowPlayer can't play C. 

I think C isn't resending the metadata for each new connection. So the
flash player doesn't have the metadata and then won't start the stream. 

Here is a warning that C gives to me:

warning: first frame is no keyframe
 (flv at 0x74a260)

-William V
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