[vlc-devel] I'm working on live mp4 muxed h264 stream that is playable in flash9 players

William King quentusrex at gmail.com
Thu Apr 17 22:31:29 CEST 2008

I sent this once, but it didn't top post for some reason:

This may turn out to be a big chunk, but I know it is doable with vlc.

Here are the steps that I know we need to get working:
1. change the getMoovAtom() to accept a bool value to determine if it's
a the end of the stream. If not then set the duraction to some big

2. Add the getMoovAtom() to the addStream() 

3. Get Stream-out to accept mp4-mux as a stream

4.  write that moov-atom to sout and mark it so stream-out module can
give it as header

Easy enough?

change modules/mux/mp4.c line 1539 "static bo_t *GetMoovBox( sout_mux_t
*p_mux )" to "static bo_t *GetMoovBox( sout_mux_t *p_mux, bool

Then after line 1562 so that the duration is something large so that
it'll work for a live stream.

add after line 439 something like:
moov = GetMoovBox( p_mux ,false );
sout_AccessOutSeek( p_mux->p_access, i_moov_pos ); //but without the
seek and i_moov_pos
box_send( p_mux, moov );



Similiar to how it's done here:

Let me know if any of you are willing to help. I have a system setup
right now that can test any code changes. I have a live h264 stream, and
a website with a flashplayer setup and ready.

-William V
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