[vlc-devel] VLC start/stop tags

Verner Kjærsgaard vk at os-academy.dk
Fri Apr 18 21:54:52 CEST 2008

Dear Sirs,

- VLC is in widespread use in Denmark.
- Lots of people use it to watch TV2/Denmark and also the local (8) 
divisions of TV2/Denmark.

This works fine, except one cannot select individual sections of a 
newscast. VLC always starts from the top and does not recognize 
start/stop tags within the video file.

I'm a member of the board of TV2/Bornholm (one of the 8 regions) - from 
where I learned of the aledged technical reason for VLC not performing 
as expected.

See this link:


If you select any story, VLC will start from the top regardless of what 
you select. Try selecting the 15th. of April (today may not be ready 
when you read this...)

Are you aware of this,- can anything be done?

As always, thank you for a most fine piece of software!

Med venlig hilsen/best regards
Verner Kjærsgaard
Novell Certified Linux Professional 10035701
www.os-academy.dk +45 56964223

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