[vlc-devel] Mouse event and stream output problems with libVLC / JVLC

Benjamin Boucher bboucher at tech.ausy.fr
Mon Apr 28 18:46:02 CEST 2008


I am actually working on a project using the libVLC through the java 
bindings (JVLC) to display some videos streams on a JAVA/Swing GUI and I 
experience some difficulties :

1. I need to catch the mouse clicks on the GUI video display but JAVA 
event listeners do not work on the video frame (I think that libvlc 
consume the event before...).
So, my question is : Can I add an event listener on the VLC video frame 
using JAVA, JVLC or directly the native libVLC ?
If not, I thought of hooking the windows DLL that manages mouse events 
but I don't think it is a good solution.
Which other options do I have ? (recompile libVLC ?!)

2. The user should be able to start and stop recording each stream 
independently by clicking on some buttons.
I tried with 4 streams and only 2 of 4 streams have been recorded and 
videos playback stopped while I was recording.
To do this, I used somethink like this :

For each video stream :
  canvas[i] =  new 
i +".wmv}}""

canvas[] being the '/canvas/'s displayed on the GUI..

But like I said, only 2 of the 4 videos streams had been recorded and I 
don't know why. Is there a limit number of output streams that libVLC 
can handle ?


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