[vlc-devel] anybody know how to get the frame number or movie clock in vlc

zhou jerrifer jerrifer at gmail.com
Wed Aug 6 06:02:13 CEST 2008

hi everyone,
I'm a totally freshman to vlc. I just compiled a libvlc by cygwin and want
to use it as a decoder.
However, the problem is, I need the frame number or movie clock to tag a
frame uniquely in my project. While, in vlc,
it seems you can just get the PTS or DTS time -- UTC time from 1970, which
means, you'll get different time when you
decode the same movie in different date. Furthermore, I ever think about to
use the pts or dts time before the decoder
in EsOutSend function. Unfortunately, sometimes, when I try to play DVD
files or TS  files, both the pts and dts time in
EsOutSend are 0. So is there anyone can tell me how to get the frame number
or movie clock in

Thanks a lot!

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