[vlc-devel] Speex audio in .flv container

Steven Woolley woobert at gmail.com
Fri Aug 22 16:39:49 CEST 2008

Hi all, I'm messing with the flash player 10 beta, which allows audio
to be recorded in Speex format, but having a hard time converting it
to anything else from the .flv.  I'm betting this will become a lot
more common in the future given the openness and lack of patents for
Speex vs. other flash audio codec's (nellymoser in particular).

In a nutshell, speex in a .flv is new enough that noone supports it
yet (and I'm not even sure the .flv's I'm generating are correct, but
noone is, because until you have something that will read it, there's
now way to say it's working or not!)

All I do know is that both vlc and ffmpeg give "Unsupported audio codec" errors.

So, a) is there any way to get vlc or ffmpeg to work with speex?  I am
willing to do a custom compile, change code, etc. (if I knew where to start!)

or b) failing that, how do I simply output the raw speex audio stream from
the flv to a pipe or file? So I can decode it with the official speex stuff?


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