[vlc-devel] commit: Implement 'record' button in Qt intf (Jean-Philippe Andre )

Laurent Aimar fenrir at via.ecp.fr
Sat Aug 23 16:47:17 CEST 2008

On Sat, Aug 23, 2008, Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> Le samedi 23 août 2008 10:20:28 Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ, vous avez écrit :
> > Then we have to remove the record button itself.
> > But the record module still exists and works (triggered by a keyboard
> > action)... only for TS files / streams.
> In other words it does not work for the outstanding majority of users.
> Also, it fails to work in many cases where recording is actually useful: RTP, 
> VideoForLinux (1 & 2), Live555/RTSP, Jack, DC1394/Firewire, DVD, DirectShow 
> and QuickTime capture because they are access_demux, and I guess it does not 
> work with MMS and RTMP because they do not use TS.
> In other words, it only works with: DirectShow DVB, DVB for Linux, the 
> obsolete raw UDP input, and to _some_ extent HTTP... which is very little.
> At least, the dump access_filter and demuxdump modules work better because 
> they can both record any file format, not just TS. However they're still 
> unable to record from an access_demux.
The demuxdump/access_filter do not record on the fly, and for DVB/WebRadio
it is really a must.

 It will not be activated if the user did not explicityly request the access
record filter. So I don't think it will really be a problem for users.


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