[vlc-devel] Need 0.9.0a or 0.9.1 ASAP

Rémi Denis-Courmont rem at videolan.org
Mon Aug 25 18:07:49 CEST 2008

Le lundi 25 août 2008 18:50:02 hannes_b at gmx.at, vous avez écrit :
> just offer a binary release candidate so people on the mailing list can
> make feedback and after that, release the new version after 2 years of
> development. better to proof before, than bring it out and find a bug which
> you need to patch immediately. :)

Wishful thinking. One the one side, there are too many platforms, and the 
(re-)build is too slow. You need to rebuild after a RC, if only to update the 
version number. On the other side, people just keep finding bugs and 
committing fixes. There is no way you can have a binary release in sync with 
the tree, short of banning developpers committing fixing - which makes no 

P.S.: there are quite a few known (and unknown) bugs in 0.9.0, and most of 
them are NOT going to be fixed in 0.9.1.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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