[vlc-devel] who's the right Windows build ?

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Wed Aug 27 10:05:27 CEST 2008

The latest build from nightlies will never start (crashes at launching).
This build says it is version 1.0.0 (at least in filename, because I am
not able to reach the help menu).

The latest build at this time from jb's site is starting fine, works
ok at leats at quick basic tests, closes ok after doing nothing or
playing a local .wmv, mpg, .avi or .flv file, still it crashes when
closing after playing a CD or DVD (but then it is able to start again
This build says it is version 0.9.1.

Looks like parallel worlds to me. Any chance to accomodate the fixes
and version number ?


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