[vlc-devel] audio .ogg files are truncated at start

Cristian Secară orice at secarica.ro
Wed Aug 27 13:09:21 CEST 2008

While I am dragging and dropping audio .ogg files over already opened
VLC, the start of the file is simply lost, the player jumps over the
first second or so.
Works the same with VLC 0.8.6 and 0.9.x.

This is when I have tested the language audio files from an iGO GPS
software, which are extremely short individual .ogg files.
The shortest expressions do not play at all (like "one", "ten", "and",
"then", etc.), while the start from the longer ones is cut (expressions
like "gps signal lost", "turn back when possible", etc.).

An example - files from this archive


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