[vlc-devel] Live streaming of mpeg4 or h.264

Steven Woolley woobert at gmail.com
Fri Aug 29 18:52:42 CEST 2008

This one I know is far-fetched or maybe impossible, but I thought I'd ask
Transcoding works great in VLC, thanks much for that!

However, when transcoding to a file (in mpeg4 or h.264) I find that they
won't stream until the entire file is downloaded (or the transcoding is
complete) presumably because the proper metadata or atoms can't or at least
aren't put in the front of the file until the transcoding is finished.

The problem is that since iPhone doesn't support real streaming, it requires
a progressive download to play (uses byte-range requests).  I can fool it
into thinking the file is longer to get it to stream mp3's or aac's even
though they're still transcoding in the background, but with video, I can't
(I assume because of this missing metadata).  So, my question is:

Can I force some moov or whatever metadata info needs to be written to a
file as it starts transcoding to be written right at the start instead of
being added later?
Hope that makes sense (same thing would go for doing fast playback on a
progressive download). Is it possible to make guesses for that metadata?

Is this totally impossible to implement?

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