[vlc-devel] Language file - Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

Christophe Mutricy xtophe at chewa.net
Sun Dec 7 19:15:38 CET 2008


> Here I attach language file based on Malaysian language file packeted in vlc 0.9.8a source code.
> Sorry if I do not create language file from scratch. So some strings not yet translated correctly but still understand because Malay language have similar translation in Indonesian. But several word has very different meaning between Indonesian and Malay language.

Thank you for the translation.

The PO files are too big to go in the mailing lists so it's better if
you can put it online and send us the link. You can also send it to me

There is a mailing list with low traffic dedicated to translators that I
suggest you should join: translators at videolan.org


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