[vlc-devel] VLC 1.0.0 release plan

hannes_b at gmx.at hannes_b at gmx.at
Mon Dec 8 01:53:07 CET 2008

Boris Dores wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 07, 2008 at 09:16:52PM (GMT+0100), Christophe Mutricy wrote:
>> We could also choose to send such report to /dev/null and maybe people
>> would think that vlc is more secure.
>   The fact that an even worse situation can be cooked up does not
> necessarily mean that the current one is perfect and cannot be improved,
> does it ?
>   If people perceive things that way (about security, stability,
> regressions, ...), there must be a reason, and more importantly, a
> solution, don't you think ? (and no, not "f@@k'em")
>   What is undeniable is that 1.0 will bring a lot of attention. And
> most users only see the result, not the effort (yes that's a shame).

when 0.9 i wrote some mails, some put the info on their website and some like slashdot did not. i can imagine slashdot will post a message about the 1.0 of vlc, otherwise slashdot is crap and not news for nerds...

best regards

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