[vlc-devel] refresh video window with libvlc possible?

Mario und Martina Müller mario_martina.mueller at t-online.de
Sat Dec 27 12:36:56 CET 2008


i have a problem with libvlc when i draw a video in a child window of my applikation.
The child window is created oin this way:

 hwnd_player = CreateWindowEx (0, gPlayerName, gPlayerName,  WS_CHILD  | WS_VISIBLE  ,0, 30,800,600,hwnd, NULL,hPlayerInstance,NULL);

The playe rpart is added to the child window on this way:
libvlc_media_player_set_drawable (mp, (libvlc_drawable_t)hwnd_player, &ex);

the first start works fine - libvlc starts the stream in the child window "hwnd_player"  (hwnd is the root window). video is complete visible.
but when i start a second child window (hwnd_mainmenu) and it is shown over the "hwnd_player" window (overlapping) and close ths hwnd_mainmenu again, the player video is not updated again.

that means, the overlapped part of the player window is not updated again and it is black. the not overlapped part of hwnd_player is working correct. so i only the the half width of the video.
so, how can i refresh with libvlc the hwnd_player window so the video is visible in the whole height and width again?
I didnt see any request like libvlc_player_refresh() or so.

i would expect a call like "UpdateWindow" for the vlc-player part.
btw "UpdateWindow(hwnd_player);" or "InvalidateRect(hwnd_player,NULL,TRUE); is not working in this case to update the vlc-part of my application.
it is working correct, when i create the hwnd_player window as "WS_OVERLAPPED" but then i have the border and tile bar, which i dont want to have for an inlay window.

So, how can i update with libvlc the video part in the hwnd_player window?

Thank you very much vor your help

Best regards,
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