[vlc-devel] maven repository for jvlc

Filippo Carone filippo at carone.org
Tue Dec 30 17:08:33 CET 2008

Hi everybody,
 for the distribution of the java bindings a maven repository is needed.
A maven repository is basically a location on a remote server available
from http. For example take a look at:


 Since the java bindings use maven, having a repository is the standard
way to make them available to the general public. The videolan maven
repository would be automatically updated when the bindings are
released, and it would become the central point for the bindings
distribution. New releases will be uploaded using scp with a ssh-key in
order to make the process automatic.

Is it possible to have such a location on our servers? The best would be
something like:



j-b were you successful in compiling the bindings following the
directions on:


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