[vlc-devel] freetype librairie segfault on 64 bits architecture

Gilles Sabourin gilles.sabourin at free.fr
Sun Feb 3 17:54:40 CET 2008

Le Sunday 13 January 2008 09:43:21 Gilles Sabourin, vous avez écrit :
> From Antoine Cellerier :
> > Ah great :) You could try using --no-video-title-show in your 64 bit
> > build (since that would prevent needing freetype, which is where it
> > segfaults if i understand correctly).
> > I don't have access to any 64 bit computer so I unfortunately can't
> > test.
> I can confirm that lauching vlc with --no-video-title-show option helps to
> workaround the problem. I can test vlc normally on my openSUSE 10.3 64
> bits.
> Gilles Sabourin

Forgot to add that I cannot see any video title on vlc 64 bits . I am guessing 
that this title is not written at the right place in the buffer, but 
instead somewhere in the heap which gets corrupted.

As an important job has been achieved on unsigned / signed pointer types, vlc 
is more robust but it is still crashing sometimes. I have difficulties to 
reproduce this segfault now.

Gilles Sabourin
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