[vlc-devel] demux/live555.cpp Elementary Stream Synchronization.

Guy Bonneau gbonneau at matrox.com
Mon Feb 4 21:52:38 CET 2008

I apologize if this is not the good email list to post this question. If it
is not the good email list to ask such question then could anyone point me
where to make that post.
I'm trying to play with VLC Media Player 2 elementary streams that are sent
in 2 RTP subsession with the live555 library in a testing application. One
subsession is an Mpeg2 Video Elementary Stream and the other subsession is a
2 channels audio PCM sampled at 48000 KHz. Both elementary stream are in
sync and genlocked at the source. I have much trouble getting VLC Media
player plays the 2 streams synchronized. Playback is jerky and I get a lot
of warning in the messages windows. I tried with release 0.8.6d and latest
nightly build 0.9.0.
I have looked at the code of live555.cpp in the VLC Media Player project. It
seems to me that the code is designed such that it is not possible to
receive 2 streams that doesn't have the same sample rate. In this case 90
KHz for the video and 48KHz for the audio. Anyone could confirm please. 
Guy Bonneau 
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