[vlc-devel] vlc: svn commit r24920 (pdherbemont)

Jean-Paul Saman jean-paul.saman at planet.nl
Fri Feb 8 11:22:52 CET 2008

Pierre d'Herbemont wrote:
> On Feb 8, 2008, at 9:17 AM, Jean-Paul Saman wrote:
>> Subversion daemon wrote:
>>> r24920 | pdherbemont | 2008-02-07 15:00:10 +0100 (Thu, 07 Feb 2008)  
>>> | 2 lines
>>> Changed paths:
>>>   M /trunk/extras/contrib/src/Makefile
>>> contrib: Disable swscaler in ffmpeg due to recent breakage.
>> Which breakage and from what ffmpeg revision and on what OS? I have no
>> problem what so ever with swscale and img_* functions are being
>> deprecaeted in ffmpeg.
> You can't link to ffmpeg with swscale on Mac OS X with current svn.  
> I'll double check that.

Only exclude it then for MacOSX for the time being and not for the 
entire world.

Jean-Paul Saman.
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