[vlc-devel] 0.8.6e ???

hannes_b at gmx.at hannes_b at gmx.at
Thu Feb 14 19:44:21 CET 2008

Rémi Denis-Courmont wrote:
> 	Hello,
> It's been TWO MONTHS if not more that we have well-published public exploits 
> and unreleased fixes in the 0.8.6-branch... What is going on???
> If <release-manager> is waiting for a browser plugins fix, I think it's safe 
> to say, especially at this point, that it is NOT going to happen within 0.8.6 
> as it either involves too large changes, or crippling the plugins badly 
> (removing any kind of option). In other words, you had better not f*****g 
> install the plugins on your computers. Many people are concerned with the 
> media players, not the plugins.
> Also, this is really really really bad vis-à-vis the security-minded 
> open-source communities and Linu/BSD distros.
> If nothing happens quickly, I'm going to make a source only 0.8.6e release and 
> voilà. Nevermind those poor folks who get their binaries directly from 
> videolan.org.

great that at least someone understands the TOP PRIORITY OF SECURITY!

thank you very much! :)

kind regards

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