[vlc-devel] Switching to git (2)

Mark Moriarty mfmbusiness at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 19 05:05:37 CET 2008

Hopefully I'll be able to actually get a clean connection to it from Cygwin
before the switch (or some other Cygwin person, who documents what's

Not black magic, but it would be nice to do (actually have it work). 

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I have re-imported the current trunk with the correct (hopefully) author
name, it is available here:
(Note that it is not resync-ed automatically with svn, we can do that by
hand when needed)

We are more or less ready to perform the switch, and we just need to agree
on a date to perform it (that mean freezing SVN, and making the vlc.git

A small summary:
* We are using gitosis for the administration of the repos. It is very
* We do need a public key for each committer. Please send me yours.
* You are strongly encouraged to play a bit with vlc-sandrox to familiarize
with git
* You need to fix up your email address prior committing
* There are several way to work with git, for now I guess that the typical
commands that match our current svn usage are:
$ git clone git at git2.videolan.org:vlc-sandrox.git
$ git commit -a (no equivalent)
$ git commit myfile (no equivalent)
$ git pull --rebase # svn up
$ git push (svn commit)

A small note on git pull:
Basically when using git and committing locally you are indeed working on
your own branch, so a simple git pull will create a merge object and merge
your local branch to the upstream. That's not how svn works.
git pull --rebase will put your work on top of the latest commit in upstream
and will act as svn does.

Have fun,


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