[vlc-devel] ActiveX: failed to load DLL

Howard howard at starvedia.com
Wed Feb 20 07:26:03 CET 2008

Hi all,

          Does anyone know how the ActiveX loads the libvlc.dll?   

I wanna load a dll, say, ABC.dll in the getVLC() in activex/plugin.cpp and I
made a cab file including the ABC.dll with libvlc.dll, axvlc.dll and other
plugins of the VLC.

However, the return value of LoadLibrary( TEXT("ABC.dll") ) is always a null

I also tried to load other library which was included in the cab file, say
libaccess_udp_plugin.dll, as well as the ABC.dll but it was success. 

Can anyone tell me why?



PS. I'm running this on windows XP with service pack 2.

PS. The ABC.dll was compiled separately, not with VLC.


Best Regards,



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