[vlc-devel] How PTS/DTS is set/calculated in vlc ?

Ragas sag info2use4me at gmail.com
Thu Feb 21 17:03:06 CET 2008

Dear Xperts,

I am working on linux. And i am trying to sync Audio n Video . And the pts
data generated at ....ffmpeg/video.c is constant i.e it doesn't get updated
( throughout the running of the video file ) . So due to which i think, i am
getting a wrong time stamp all the time. As in the following code below ,
i_late_frames gets incremented ...
if( p_sys->i_pts && p_sys->i_pts <=( mdate() + 1000000 ) &&
!(p_block->i_flags & BLOCK_FLAG_PREROLL) )

and finally i get " "more than 5 seconds of late video -> dropping frame
(computer too slow ?)" ) " error message and the video passes till 5 sec,
and it continous again.

A/V sync is present, but it pauses n plays from time to time. Anybody can
put some light on this problem ? Possibilities of, why pausing is happening

Question :
1) Can somebody direct/ guide me to some material on how/ where pts
information is set in vlc ?
2) Any other methods to manipulate PTS to prevent it as late frame and stop
those error messages , such that it doesn't affects
A/V sync ?

Warm Regards,
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