[vlc-devel] Fosdem meeting

Jean-Baptiste Kempf jb at videolan.org
Tue Feb 26 00:12:05 CET 2008

This is a Small Summary of the decisions taken at the meeting during FOSDEM.

0) Agenda
We decided what to talk about during the meeting

1) Git
The transition from SVN to Git hasn't meet any actual opponent, therefore:
 - We will switch to Git on March 1st. No commits will be accepted on SVN.
 - We will keep trac and use the trac-Git extension.
 - We will try to have a SVN read-only if possible.

2) Trunk Roadmap
We talked about the major issues with the trunk.

What was decided is that:
 - We will Freeze during the migration to Git
 - We will fix the following CRITICAL issues:
      * Qt Interface (jb, ivoire)
      * Security policy mess (damienf ?)
      * Crop (dionoea, jpsaman)
      * Command line autosave (funman)
 - We then will release a Technology Preview (TP) of 0.9.0
      * Publicity of it, with a skin contest and the skin-designer
 - Normal release cycle.

Important issues to fix:
 - FLV streaming (thresh ? Trax? ILEoo ?)
 - Mozilla toolbar (jpsaman)
 - Buffering patches

3) Younglings work
  - J-Peg works on the Subtitles auto-download and tries to include it, before TP
  - ivoire works SDL Vout, update and Qt
  - phytos works on a bookmarks saving patch and tries to include it before TP
  - LeJo, jpountz will work on VLC very soon.

4) CMake
Until everything works perfectly... No move.

5) Documentation
Remii raised the bad documentation problem.
We still welcome patch for documentation, but will not force commits
to have documentation...

Jean-Baptiste Kempf

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