[vlc-devel] A ZIP demux / access module inside VLC ?

Jean-Philippe ANDRÉ jpeg at via.ecp.fr
Wed Feb 27 18:01:40 CET 2008

Hi people,

[ Sorry for this long mail, it may not need a long answer ]

Some of you already know I have work a little around an Automatic
Subtitles Downloader for VLC. I had to unzip files downloaded from
Opensubtitles.Org. I wrote a very simple module to do this job, based on
code found in modules/skins2/unzip. You can find it here :

I know this module is not good, only functionnal.

* What I would want to do now is to write a better module that would be
able to unzip on-the-fly files. For example, if you insert a .zip file
in you playlist, then VLC reads what files are in it, adds them to the
playlist. And if you want to read one of these new elements, then it is
totally transparent for the user. The behavior of a .zip file would be
the same as for a folder.

Do you think it is a good/bad idea ?

Here is what I think possible to do :
* Create a demux "zip" which would only read the list of files in a .zip
* Add this list to the playlist (like modules/access/directory.c does),
  with a special form (like zip://mycoolzipfile.zip/fileinzip.avi ...)
* Use an access module to read zip:// URIs.

Can this work ? Any better solution ?

Jean-Philippe André - JPeg
You can also answer me on IRC ;-)

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