[vlc-devel] [Patch] Initialize the drop down lists - insidesettings on creation, instead of let the user push buttons...

Andre Weber WeberAndre at gmx.de
Wed Feb 27 22:44:06 CET 2008

as single diff for J-B

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Subject: [vlc-devel] [Patch] Initialize the drop down lists - insidesettings on creation, instead of let the user push

> Hello,
> today I talked to xtophe, j-b and some more... about an option to initialize the selectionlists
> of dropdownfields durring settings dialog creation of the controls.
> This "will / should / may" work for options defined with the macros
> * change_integer_list
> * change_string_list
> * change_float_list (seems to be never used?)
> these macro's have a third parameter "list_update_func" which isn't currently used ...
> some modules pass 0 to it, and some like DirectShow pass there the same function pointer to it
> - which they use for the refresh button -- what is closer to this? to store this function pointer
> inside "module_config_t" - to call this method durring creation of the input controls of the setup gui?
> to startup with fully functional and initialized drop down lists?
> (I think the user - will appreciate this?)
> so I added "vlc_callback_t pf_update_list" to this structure, as a possible callback for initializing/updating
> the value lists of such a choice variable. Be aware - that this change will force a full rebuild of the sourcetree,
> and also brake one time the caching...)
> But its better to do so --- instead of a bad hack and missuse of a existing parameter / value inside this
> structure - which may break - more than the cache - and gives me / us / you - more trouble to find
> and fix.
> To achieve this I modified also the function "vlc_config_set" if it is called with the ID=VLC_CONFIG_LIST
> the last parameter in the open parameter list - is now the function pointer - I found no code location
> which calls this method directly so I see no danger in changing this. this Method with this signature
> is only used in the Macros named above.
> My Patches in this mail contain all required changes ... to settings (QT), WxWidgets may be possible
> to also use that option, but this is no must ... the refresh buttons are still there and will work.
> A little bit ... may be more to look after is my change on the function "setfillVLCConfigCombo" inside
> prefrerences_widgets.cpp - which is used in some initialization for the simple setting gui? so far I understand
> - I added there  the same initialization code for the list - but I'am not sure if it could work - so please
> check this - before finally applying the patch in the full version...
> With best regards
> André
> ----
> atmo


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