[vlc-devel] Need some sample code to fill a picture_t struct

techfreak smile4you at gmx.ch
Sat Jan 5 17:24:27 CET 2008

Hello @ all

I'm new here in the list.

As I wrote already in the forum, I'd like to add a VNC client to VLC as 
a video filter. 

This is to use VLC as streaming client for a server that streams the 
video over the net and offers the corresponding OnScreen Menu on VNC 
protocol. (VDR with ffnetdev plugin).

I think a good base to do this is the code of the "logo" video-filter, 
but fill the data in p_pic (picture_t struct) with VNC informations 
instead of the contents of the picture file.

Now I have two questions:

1) Can someone provide me some lines of sample code that fills a 
pichture_t struct hardcoded with some hardcoded pixels with different 
hardcoded colors?

2) What classes and functions should I use to open a TCP-Socket to VNC?

Best regards

Matthias (techfreak in forum)

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