[vlc-devel] HDTV Reception/Tuning and Streaming - Can it be Done in VLC?

Dennis Lou dlou99 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 6 08:10:13 CET 2008

>From: Jamal Hannah <jah1936 at hotmail.com>
>I am just wondering if it's possible to have VLC media player act as a media 
>station/server for any HDTV card 

Do this all the time.

>(I assume there are a few places the streamed video end up in the system 
>that could be consistently accessed - or does every HDTV card driver handle 
>it differently?) 

They just about all use DVB driver API these days.

>Maybe VLC could even allow the client to control the source's TV channel? 

Changing channels mid-stream is a bit difficult at the moment.


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