[vlc-devel] [Submit] video filter module - for the homebrew AmbiLight (AtmoLight)

Andre Weber WeberAndre at gmx.de
Sun Jan 6 20:21:21 CET 2008


attached you find the video filter module source and the necessary patches to compile it -
the module could be compiled for Linux and Windows, other OS may require patches
or change - I don't know.

The source works as standalone "driver" to the external hardware - so that there is
no external software required to work with it -- the Windows version can be
used together with a special clientsoftware, which is not part of this module.
(but this isn't required - just an option)

For my project I needed sometimes to write a bitmap file to disc (debugging) -
so I decided to add bitmapfileheader to vlc_codecs.h because
"BITMAPINFOHEADER" was allready there. (for non windows environments)

It would be nice if somebody (xtophe?, dionoea?, j-b??) takes care of this source
and put him under source control - after a review and possible correction - which
I have to do... if you dislike my coding.../hacking.

because the code was too big for the mailinglist I put him on my private "local"
webspace (so the URL is only valid if I'am online)



André Weber

if you don't remember for what it is created...

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