[vlc-devel] playing TS containing AVC

Son Minh Tran son-minh.tran at int-evry.fr
Mon Jan 7 14:37:59 CET 2008

Dear all,
I used ffmpeg to create a AVC content packetized in Transport Stream.  I 
can view that file with VLC 0.8.5 but not with VLC 0.8.6a. Would  you 
please explain me the reason?. As I check from the code of ffmpeg, it 
does not create AVC_video_decriptor for the elementary stream AVC when 
muxing to a TS. The NAL access unit delimiter (nal_unit_type=9) is not 
either inserted to separate the frames as in the specification of TS for 
AVC (document 13818-1). Maybe because of these missings, the VLC 0.8.6a 
cannot read that TS?
Thank you

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