[vlc-devel] [Submit] video filter module - for the homebrewAmbiLight (AtmoLight)

Antoine Cellerier dionoea at videolan.org
Sun Jan 13 17:39:21 CET 2008

On Sun, Jan 13, 2008, Andre Weber wrote:
> > configure.diff:
> > Does the module compile on all the platforms supported by VLC? If not,
> > you should check that you're on a supported platform before adding the
> > plugin. It might also be a good idea to add an option --disable-atmo
> > configure flag in case people want to disable it (if it takes too long
> > to compile).
> no it only compiles on Linux and Win32 so far I know - other OS may need some Ifdefs
> (so I will need a little bit more understanding of the script configure.ac to do the required
>  changes... would end in copy and paste some other code...;-)

Something like:
if test "${SYS}" = "mingw32" -o "${SYS}" = "linux"; then
should be ok.

> > It would be better if your source files were in a subdirectory.
> Ok what I have to do?
> - create folder?
> -- add a modules.am file to it?
> -- and whats more? I have no very good knowledge about modifying the build system.
> (I see I will have to look into configure.ac? bootstrap? where else?)

I think that creating the folder and adding a Modules.am file should be

> >    Comments should be in English, not German
> mmh? where I have left german comments?

In some of the Atmo*.cpp and .h files.

> >    If it is you could use the ImageConvert VLC function which would call
> >    ffmpeg to do the chroma + scale transform.
> will this be faster than my simple code? I need no interpolation between the pixels
> just dropping not required pixels is good enough for my further use of the image.

Ah ok, your might be faster then.

> Do you have birthday today? I read something like this on IRC? If this is true
> Happy Birthday... and the best wishes from me...  to you....

Thanks :)

Antoine Cellerier

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