[vlc-devel] firefox plugin

Jasper j.alias at student.hhs.nl
Thu Jan 10 15:53:11 CET 2008


A while ago we discussed adding controls for the firefox plugin under 
linux. Well we have an update on our work so far. Included tar file 
containes plugin files. The plugin now adds a control button window and 
we've drawn 2 buttons with working function (play/stop) so far. the code 
is still a bit messy and there are a few small bugs we will clean that 
all up in a later version. It's devellopped in the vlc-0.8.6c version.

We are now working on getting data from vlc, to create a seekbar and 
time display. We found the functions needed for that but are a bit 
unsure about the vlc_int64_t variable they return. We assume it's a 64 
bit int. Can anyone tell us a bit more about it, how should we intrepet 
or display the var?

thanks in advance,

Jasper Alias & Frans van Veen
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