[vlc-devel] VLC & High CPU

Tony Anecito adanecito at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 21 11:19:13 CET 2008

Hi All,

I have a friend trying VLC (0.9.0b)on a fast PC AMD64
X2 5600+ and noticing a high CPU (50%) when playing a
video and the audio continues to move forward. The
video and cpu (1-7%) optimization  is fine for awhile
while playing the video then at the same point in the
movie the video stops and the CPU usage jumps up to
50% on one of the cores of his AMD.
He also had a network analyzer running and saw that
VLC packet count going into the client PC before the
problem was over 1000 packets per frame and as the
video slowed down the number packets eventually
reached 0 being requested by the client. The progress
bar continues to move forward and it is based off of
the input class position.

He is using the vlc dlls in the windows XP environment
and a jvlc dll. What I am wondering is there a
standard set of options that should be passed into the
vlc instance when it is created? He has a very fast

I am running the same code (in my RIA) on a simular
CPU (AMD64 X2 5200+) and I do not get this problem. In
fact I can run up to 3 videos at the same time with no
pauses in the video if I set the http and mms cache
options to around 4.5 seconds.

I created a test environment using Eclipse and can run
two videos and sometimes get the following behavior
along with the message:

[00000593] ffmpeg decoder error: more than 5 seconds
of late video -> dropping frame (computer too slow ?)

Any suggestions about the issue? It almost sounds as
if VLC might be getting into a tight loop somewhere
(running up CPU) when the video frames start getting

I am willing to try different suggested settings to
see what improves the performance.


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