[vlc-devel] will streaming protocols survive OR will http become the protocol of choice?!

Marc E. Fiuczynski mef at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed Jan 30 11:24:03 CET 2008

Viral Sachde wrote:
> I think P2P streaming will provide much better long term solution.
> It can dynamically scale it self. Also if DRM gets involved, it can be 
> commercialized.

Certainly folks like joost are making good progress, but I don't believe 
is panacea.
> I think *Multicast will require people to watch movie same time and than 
> what about seeking functionality * (Can someone please correct this 
> statement if it is wrong, I am not sure.)

This is a fair assessment.  It is a fine method for "video broadcast", 
but society as a whole is shifting from viewing scheduled broadcasts to 
on demand viewing (e.g., either by recording broadcasted shows or 
directly downloading them on demand).  It seems that multicast will be 
relegated to specialized distribution of content at very large scales in 
the future.


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